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Montreal Creative Spaces



- NO glitter
- NO smoking
- NO drinking
- AVOID playing very loud music, as there are neighbouring offices. There is a speaker available for your use however.
- DO be careful when going to the second floor. The pipes are low and can be a hazard for bumping your head. Go around cautiously.
- DO NOT lean on the rails upstairs as they are not stable enough.
- DO NOT allow children on the second floor for their safety.

- DOGS & PETS not allowed (permission must be granted by owner, please contact us)

- You can move furniture anywhere as long as it is replaced where it was found.
- If you are using the inflatable beds, you must bring your own bedsheets for sanitary purposes

- You are free to use the kitchen as if it were your home. Please make sure dishes are cleaned when finished
- Serve yourself tea and coffee
- Be careful to keep the fridge door shut (it sometimes jams).

- Fabrics of different colors are available on the second floor and can be hanged as backdrops above the kitchen on the rail.
- 9ft savage paper backgrounds are not included in the rental price and can be used by selecting the +Additional backgrounds +15$ option in the booking link.
- Other smaller paper backgrounds & fabric backgrounds that can be found around the studio are free to use
- Use caution when bringing down paper backgrounds and CLIP THE PULLEY with the clip or hook found on it. The background may fall otherwise and you will incur a 30$ charge.

- LUMA 1 Be very gentle when pulling down the backgrounds, nothing will come down with force
- LUMA 2 Backdrop stands are available for the paper backdrop you selected
- You are allowed to use all photo equipment on the second floor, as long as it is returned where it was found.
- A godox flash is available for use. Light modifiers are on the second floor along with reflectors and stands. Replace the godox trigger where it was found ON THE TABLE, otherwise you may be subject to a 80$ fee to replace it if it is damaged or lost.

Before you leave
- Replace all furniture
- Turn off lights
- Clean up the floors if there was a mess.

- FILL OUT CHECKOUT that is available at your exit. If error occurs, send pictures by text to 438-872-6352
- The door auto-locks after 30 seconds, but make sure it is locked before leaving.

Please plan about 10 minutes of your booking time for cleanup.

less than 7 days prior to your check-in incur a rescheduling fee of 25% of your booking.
less than 48h prior to your check-in incur a rescheduling fee of 50% of your booking.
less than 24h prior to your check-in: no refund

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